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         Ventfonge (Shanghai) Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. owns the high-end brand “Ventfonge”. The company introduces American technology and conducts R&D, design and production on this basis. The company is committed to becoming the most trustworthy partner and provides the most professional. Industrial fan products. The fan has high efficiency, high reliability and high stability to meet various working conditions. The company has strong technical force, advanced production technology, complete testing means, perfect management system, reliable product quality, comprehensive strength in R&D, design, processing, production and inspection of ventilation and ventilation products, and can provide users with various non-standard types. Professional design, processing, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of special specifications of wind turbines and fans.

        The company regards quality as life and fully promotes ISO9000: 2000 international quality assurance system. The enterprise spirit of “Muqi Fan, Industry Leading” encourages Fengji people to forge ahead. With quality, efficiency and innovation as the core, the company strengthens people-oriented resource optimization. Configuration, strictly in accordance with national standards, and relying on its own strong technical force, established advanced testing centers including MGS computer data acquisition and processing systems and Microstation fan design assistance systems to provide a strong guarantee for product quality.

        Ventfonge Fan adheres to the brand concept of “creating natural living space”, is committed to improving the air quality of people's work and living places, and is constantly improving with a steady sense of production and management. It has always been leading the industry with new products and operating mechanisms, with sophisticated products. Provide customers with quality service.

        Ventfonge fan products not only have a beautiful appearance, but also pay more attention to the rational design of the internal structure. The design, production and assembly of impellers, bearings, motors, etc. are based on the principles of aerodynamics and noise control, and fully meet the air volume, wind pressure and other indicators, so that they are strictly controlled within the scientific control standards.

        Everything is fine, rigorous and rigorous, which has made Fengji Company a beautiful tomorrow. The demand for high-quality living environment by users has promoted the scientific and technological progress of Fengji Company and the rapid development of ventilation, environmental protection and fire protection equipment.

        The company has a marketing center and production base, located in Putuo District and Fengxian District of Shanghai, in order to provide you with more efficient and convenient services.

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