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Analysis on Five Problems of Competition of High Pressure Fan Enterprises


In recent years, China's wind turbine industry has gradually grown in size, and the domestic market has grown rapidly. Many powerful foreign manufacturers have begun to pay attention to the Chinese market, and the industrial war centered on the domestic market has also begun. Compared with international competitors, we are facing a five-point crisis and it is worthy of vigilance.

First, the economic environment changes, the cost of enterprises increases. This year, the impact of the national economic growth rate on the wind turbine industry will gradually appear, and the cost pressure of business operations will inevitably increase. The increase in wages of workers, the rise of the RMB exchange rate, domestic inflation, and the tightening of national currency policies have all increased the seriousness of this problem.

Second: the low-end products have overcapacity, and the homogenization is seriously uneven industrial structure. Although China's wind turbine products cover more than 200 series and more than 2,000 varieties, the variety of products is not refined, and the overlapping layout and repeated investment-investment phenomenon are widespread. The mutual extrusion of raw materials, technology, capital, sales and other aspects has aggravated the homogenization development trend of products; the unobvious product characteristics and the unobtrusive competitive advantages have enabled wind turbine enterprises to intensify China's wind turbines with a self-extended development model. The polarization of the industry.

Third: basic technology research is not in place, the common technology backwards in order to shorten the gap with the wind turbine manufacturing power, it must be a breakthrough in the development of major technologies and key components. However, the industry is currently facing the dilemma of common technology research and development shortages, and many common technologies are eating old. The lack of research on commonality, key, core technology innovation systems and organizations is an important reason. Developed countries have placed common technology research and development in the prominent position of industrial development, while China's common technology research and development has lagged behind. In the future, we should gather all the industry's advantageous resources, optimize the allocation, and accelerate the construction of common technology R&D and innovation systems with the support of relevant state departments to achieve a real breakthrough in key key technologies in the industry.

Four: Product manufacturing methods need to be upgraded At present, the most large and short board of China's wind turbine products is poor reliability. Poor product reliability brings all kinds of "bad consequences"; first, the user is not satisfied, and secondly, the profitability of the company is lowered. After-sales service costs have become a huge expense for wind turbine companies, and poor product reliability has kept service costs high. The problem of poor reliability of domestically produced wind turbine products cannot be properly solved. The “hat” of Chinese wind turbine products equal to low-end cheap products cannot be removed, and national enterprises can only compete in the low-end market and form a vicious circle.

Five: Improper competition in the industry began to appear in the internal competition of the industry. Under the trend of economic benefits, some fan manufacturers with relatively slow development have no obvious advantages in industrial technology and product performance, and they have started to reduce the price of products by the conventional "quality" and "quantity" wars. "The advantage" of the vicious price war. In order to seize the market, some companies even do not hesitate to use "negative benefits" to expand their market share. While seriously disrupting the market order, some formal manufacturers have also had to cut the sales price of wind turbines. Optimizing and improving the reliability of the product involves all aspects, and the ability to improve equipment manufacturing is the first to bear the brunt. If a worker wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. It can be said that whoever has excellent manufacturing capabilities will win market opportunities. Promote the competitiveness of enterprises with technological development. As a core value of a company's market, science and technology innovation is also a direct reflection of the company's development level and market competitiveness. With active technological innovation, it constantly improves product quality and speeds up product upgrading. In addition, the unified and perfect market supervision mechanism is an important foundation for the orderly development of China's wind turbine industry, and it is also the first problem to be solved in China's wind turbine industry during this period.

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