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Maintenance method for industrial fans. do you know?


1. It can only be operated if the industrial fan equipment is completely normal, so check it before use;

2. After the industrial fan is inspected and repaired, it should be noted that all parts of the industrial fan are working normally;

3. Regularly clear the internal dust, dirt and impurities inside the fan, and pay attention to prevent rust;

4. In order to ensure personal safety, the maintenance of the fan can only be carried out when the power is cut off and the operation is stopped.

Precautions for normal operation of industrial fans:

1. During the process of driving, parking or running the industrial fan, if it is found to be abnormal, it should be checked immediately, the glitch should be solved in time, and the big fault should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

2. The lubricant should be replaced after each inspection. Under normal circumstances, it should be replaced according to the situation.

3. When using or storing industrial fans outdoors, pay attention to waterproof and prevent rust.

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