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    DKNB pipe centrifugal fan

    DKNB pipe centrifugal fanStructural features: aluminum alloy impellerAir volume range: 500-31000m3/hMaximum pressure: 2200 PaMaximum temperature: 80 °CTransmission mode: direct connection, belt driveD

    1. Detailed information


    DKNB pipe centrifugal fan

    Structural features: aluminum alloy impeller

    Air volume range: 500-31000m3/h

    Maximum pressure: 2200 Pa

    Maximum temperature: 80 °C

    Transmission mode: direct connection, belt drive

    Description: The shape of the fan is square. The air outlet can be designed in multiple directions. It is suitable for conveying gas in any direction. The whole machine is light, compact and easy to install.

    Application area: Air supply and exhaust system for clean air. Widely used in factory or building space ventilation equipment, belt drive can be used in low temperature applications.

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