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Dusting industrial fan in the installation process due to the precautions

The installation of dust blower industrial fans in life is a complicated process. What problems should be paid attention to during the installation process of the dust exhaust fan? Take a look.


   (1) Installation of dust exhaust industrial fans If the whole installation is used, when handling and lifting, the ropes that are in contact with the edge of the casing should be padded with soft materials to prevent the casing from being worn or the ropes are broken. .

(2) If the industrial dust exhaust fan is disassembled, it should be noted that the main shaft, the casing, the bushing and the impeller should not be damaged, so as to prevent the dust exhaust fan from being installed and used.

(3) When moving the industrial dust blower, the impeller, gears, etc. cannot be directly rolled on the ground or moved to avoid damage or wear.

(4) Intake and exhaust pipes, valve parts, adjusting devices, etc., shall be provided with separate supports.

(5) When the dust exhaust industrial fan is connected with the pipeline, the flange surface should be flattened, otherwise problems will occur.

(6) After the dust exhaust industrial fan is installed, it cannot bear the weight of other parts [2].

Dust blower should pay attention to the quality problem

   (1) Whether the belt is too long, if it is too long, it should be replaced in time.

(2) Whether there is any impurity on the impeller of the dust exhaust industrial fan, and whether the air intake on both sides of the fan is equal.

(3) Whether the fan vibration is abnormal, whether the fastener is tight, whether it is loose, and whether the bearing is flat.

(4) Whether the pressure of the shock absorber is uniform, if it is not uniform, then the position of the shock absorber should be adjusted.

Fans that discharge high-concentration dust gas are still difficult to adapt to working conditions in metallurgical and chemical industries, and should be gradually improved. For the specific working conditions, the key components of the fan: improving the impeller, improving its self-cleaning ability and improving the reliability of the fan are a good way to improve the status of the existing dust collector. Users and design manufacturers, for some specific specific conditions, jointly research and develop some dust-efficient fans with moderate efficiency and reliability, which should be a new direction for the development of dust-exhausting fans.

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